Kyle Fullmer, LMHC

Clinical Director

License #: 010477

Kyle is not currently accepting new clients. However, should you have questions regarding diagnostic testing, billing, or other administrative questions, please feel free to email him at:

Trauma and PTSD
Life Transitions
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Coping Skills
Dissociate Disorders (DID)
Emotional Disturbance
Family Conflict
LGBTQ+ Issues
Mood Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Relationship Issues

Verified and listed on the following sites:

Trained and certified in the following treatment modalities:

Trauma-Focused CBT (2017)
DBT (2018)
AEDP (2022)

Academic Research Topics:

Transgender adolescent mental health treatment disparities
Modernization of the treatment of attachment trauma

Sometimes we feel as if we’re losing control over our emotions, or we feel that our emotions make it
difficult to interact with others; I believe that we will work through your hardships to make sure you are
working towards living your best life. Therapy is an opportunity for you to express yourself and know
that you don’t have to face struggles alone!
Every individual is unique, from the issues they face to the path they’ve taken in life. Many times we
struggle with feelings of regret, shame, guilt, and how these come up in patterns and at various crucial

points. This idea is implemented into my work. You can expect to have a dialogue that will have an equal
amount of support and challenge, as both of those ideas are vital to making growth in life.
I offer an emotion-focused counseling with the goal of addressing mood disorders (bipolar, depressive,
and anxiety disorders), trauma, and working through any transitions or adjustments you may face in life.
When you work with me, be prepared to open up to the emotions that exist at the core of your ongoing
struggles and past difficulties.
I sincerely look forward to learning about you as an individual. I believe that your decision to come seek
therapy is brave, and I understand that therapy can be difficult due to the nature of the heavy topics
that are addressed and explored. I pride myself in ensuring that feelings of trust and comfort are
established at the beginning of treatment.
As a therapist, my clients have found my approach to be deeply emotionally intimate and offering
opportunities for change and growth. I take pride in creating an environment where clients feel fully
comfortable and safe in a way that provides therapeutic healing.

Why I’m Here:
I’ve faced personal struggles in my life, and in college I realized I couldn’t handle these difficulties alone.
Seeking therapy was an immensely transformative experience for me. I learned how to process my
feelings and motivate myself to create positive change in my life.
‘ve sat in the chair of a client who is seeking therapy for the first time. I believe this experience helps me
better listen to and understand the stories and struggles that are being shared with me. I hope to never
forget that experience because I believe it helps me be a therapist who helps my clients blossom into
who they want to be.

For Our Patients

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At Gaining Ground, we understand that seeking therapy can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming decision. That’s why we strive to provide a warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental space for our clients to explore our thoughts and experiences. We truly look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can be a part of the healing and navigating process of your incredible story.
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