Modern Queer Pain

Nadi Badilla, MHC The pain of being a queer person today shows up in the way I carry myself. I’ve learned to walk with a confident stride, but the fear is still there and comes out at the worst times, manifesting as eyes on the ground, messy hair covering my face, and shoulders ready to knock down anyone too close. I am disgusted that I’ve ever had to say, “No, you do not need to know about my partner’s genitalia – that is really inappropriate to ask”. What difference does it make? Now I’m single and wonder if I’m safer alone as a gender nonconforming person or with a partner who looks...

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Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws and Mental Health

Not Just Florida. More than a dozen states propose ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bills Adrianna Beck, MHC Desantis and Florida have created an environment crafted for the comfort of the closed minded. By signing into law that restricts what kids can learn, it also restricts how they are allowed to express themselves. Looking into the Desantis restrictions I came upon a moment of protest. A group of teachers who came together and drafted a letter to the parents of their students. In this letter they addressed the bill and stated they would follow this bill to the best of their abilities....

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How to Meet a New Therapist and What to Ask?

Maybe you’ve never been to therapy, or maybe you’ve seen too many therapists to count. Whether you’re a seasoned client or a rookie to the world of therapy, there can be an innumerable amount of thoughts and feelings that you may face when coming to your first appointment. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be asking you” is a comment that I’ve heard plenty of times. It’s common for clients to feel uncertain at this stage of therapy, and sometimes easing this feeling can be as easy as knowing what you’re going to ask or discuss in your first appointment. The Consultation Many therapists...

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